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Puppy Training

Al’s Pals uses positive reinforcement training methods where we reward and reinforce your dog when they have made good choices. This helps to change the dogs state of mind by going at their pace and making their training sessions positive and fun. . The course will take place in your home environment, saving you time and travel! If you live out of zone, we are happy to offer our services for a small travel fee.

Beginners Programme

puppy trainingAl’s Pals offers a 1-1 puppy training programme which consists of 1 hour each week for 4 consecutive weeks. This is valid for pups as early as 8 weeks until 6 months old where we will cover the basics as well as providing new dog owners with a puppy booklet. Here your dog will learn the basics as well as anything you want focused on. The cost is $290 for the beginners programme and you will receive a certificate and puppy pack on completion.







 Adolescent Programme

Adolescent ProgrammeFor adolescent dogs 6-18 months old, they may already be developing concerning behaviour such as resource guarding food, toys, space or even their owners, being destructive, mouthing/nipping, jumping, reactivity on lead and so on. We have a special package for dogs displaying this type of behaviour which include 3 training sessions where we can tackle any of these concerning behaviours before they develop into habits. Each training session can be spaced between 1-2 weeks so you have the chance to practice the training techniques discussed. The cost is $350 and includes a detailed report on your last session so you have everything in writing to refer back on when continuing with your training.


  • Must be as up to date with vaccinations as required – proof needed by vet book or vet clinic confirmation.
  • Payment must be made before or on the day of first session via bank transfer or cash.